About the project

MCinaBox is an open-source Minecraft launcher for Android devices. It was created by Chinese developer longjunyu2 using parts of a previous project called BoatApp, allowing anyone with a relatively recent Android phone or tablet to play the Java edition of Minecraft on their device - even without an internet connection.

This site was created by a bored Minecraft YouTuber, friendlyfredward, because I thought the app should have a more user-friendly appearance for people who are unfamiliar with GitHub.

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Make sure to watch the video tutorial below. You can also join my discord server, where I'll do my best to help you!
It's important to remember that this is still very experimental, you are playing Minecraft on a phone after all. Some phones just don't work, some versions just won't launch. I'll do my best to help you troubleshoot but please remember it just might not be possible for some devices, especially old/cheap ones.

Updated tutorials coming soon...